Moroccan inspiration!!

By no means am I an interior designer or a certified color stylist, or anything that gives me a certification,  I can assure you I am just your regular old joe and I thank my mother for giving me the wonderful creative genes that I have inherited, I grew up being inspired by gthe oddest of people and items and colors, I enjoy doing anything creatively speaking with my hands, I love to build, paint, draw, sew, and of cause Photograph, and I was totally inspired recently.

I have a love for all things Moroccan, mention the word, present something that looks Moroccan I light up like a light!, u know like the cartoons that have a light bulb on their head ding ding ding!!  Ok so I was twittering yesterday and got inspired by Grace & Elle from Vancouver B.C, they mentioned Moroccan oil!!   then bam!!  I felt like a cartoon character, excitement and showers of colors and images rushed through my mind and I just had to revert to my very own moroccan inspired room. since I couldn’t jump on a plane with my trusty camera:), The the rich colors, the contrast, and the intricate carving and metal works, sheer vivid drapes/curtain, jewels, rich golds, mustards, pink, reds, blues greens, rich browns, and the list goes on, the Moroccan oils burning and infusing the mood and  ambience all make for an inspirational wedding theme, if your on a budget visit some yard sales?, find something old transform it, recolor it, recover it, bring it back to life, buy fabrics or find what you already have at home, make your own napkins, find recycled bottles wrap fabric around it, embellish it, the sky is your limit imagination is unlimited, all items in the images below are recycled, sewed together and revamped goods…., except for the candles 🙂  I hope some of my images can inspire a bride to be if Moroccan is what they are looking for, or what they never thought of.:) it surely inspires me all the time 🙂


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