Creative, resourceful & educational “A Wedding Planner” .

Creative, resourceful & educational  “A Wedding Planner” .,

For me they are a magnificent DE-STRESSER!! (is that even a word?.lol)    This is the number ONE  reason why I would recommend a wedding planner to any bride ….. “””STRESS””  ,is not something on any brides priority list on their day!!!  You want your day to be “Relaxing”  Now many of us feel Planners are out of budget, but there is sooooo many positive reasons to hiring one for your wedding!!…  as a photographer, working with a wedding planner not only makes it more enjoyable, but I glide through the day with time frames and schedules that not only is simple for me, but also for the bride, Groom,  the bridal party & families!!

They bring your vision & your dreams along with their creativity, to life!!    Planning your wedding is meant to be an enjoyable and pleasant process, A good Wedding planner should know the ins and outs of budgeting, value and costs, they help you  through the confusion of all the wedding price tags involved and help you prioritize within your budget.

A good wedding planner should be able to save you money in places you never thought possible, which in turn would allow the budget in costs to hire them 🙂

Another important factor to a hiring a wedding planner is he/she will be the main point of contact which is a NON family member, they are there to make everyone happy, he/she is “Neutral” and safe, we all know how hard it is to make everyone happy when planning weddings, actually I correct myself, it is “Impossible” to make everyone happy!!  Think of your wedding planner as your Umpire, your adjudicator 🙂

A Wedding planner sees to your Pre Event, your Wedding Day, and Post Event!! Ive broken them down to the best of my knowledge for you:)

Pre – Event:- Meet and discuss etiquette and traditions, accompany bride and groom to venue selection, consult on theme& vision, decorations, color scheme, flowers, centerpieces,  menu, the cake, guest list, invitations, tracking replies,  the whole bridal parties dresses, tux/suits, supervising and scheduling rehearsals,  arranging the photographer music, and video, arrangements, and commuting bride, groom and family members to the venue.:) and there might be a few extras that couples may ask of them.

Wedding Day:-  supervise the ceremony, take care of problems that might arise, such as parking, lighting, or any other situations which may cause a bump for the wedding, they are prepared , efficient, ensure  all other wedding professionals hired for the day are doing their job efficiently, such as the photographers, caterers, Dj’s, decorators, musicians singers etc. they ensure all guest are comfortable and enjoying themselves, and more importantly make sure the bride and groom are happy!.

Post Event:- Make sure all guests have received their wedding favors, venue is vacated by the allocated time, all bills for all hired services are cleared. And last but not least make sure the bride, groom and their guests had a great time:)

Now thats a lot to take on don’t you think?  If you can never leave the option of a wedding planner out of your wedding day 🙂

Working with wedding planners or any professional is all a team playing effort, a wedding planner is my colleague, I respect them as much as I respect, any wedding professional, as “WE” Professionals would like to see OUR clients happy!!


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