Impromptu, unplanned location, Engagement Photos!!

Why would you take Engagement Photos?

Engagement photos might not seem like that big of deal, and whether we realize it or not, your engagement photos are going to be important , They set up the foundation of the beginning of memories they reflect the love you have for each other. On the other hand   I recommend you use the photos from your engagement session for your “save the date” mailing, wedding program, Guest book,  Decorations and so on.

Find yourself a Photographer that will suit your lifestyle and personality, and who will most importantly “listen” to your vision and wants.  You might want some flexibility, creativity, but always make sure you feel comfortable with them.  I always meet up with my clients for a coffee at starbucks, or  lunch.

Ask what there limitations are for example, Do you allow a change of clothes,  locations,  can I bring some props? can you be spontaneous?  I am particularly spontaneous, and if we have selected a location with my client, I always let them know I might be stopping along the way, and asking them to jump out for a few shots, if I see a fantabulous shot I can’t pass up a super photographic moment, that might just end up being your favourite photo 🙂 !..  I have yet had a client who doesn’t like the fun in that 🙂

Remember to have some fun and add in a little of your own personality along the way. I am shooting an engagement session this Saturday and we are including their two lovely Canine Friends at Balboa Island, this will be particularly FUN!!

Pre-Plan your them or your idea, not all the photos have to have the same theme going, make sure it is you, make sure it represents you as a person and a couple 🙂

Choose your location, I always get asked for ideas, and I never give one out until I have found out enough about the couple to vision and research some cool places that might suit them. Each couple will be different. But as a couple you might want to pick a place that means something to you? Or somewhere you have yet to go to. Either way your choice is yours and the more genuine you are with your relationship the photo shoot will be almost guaranteed and appreciated more when you look back at them 10 yrs later.

For example, maybe a photo shoot  at the location of your first date?, or  maybe when u first met?,  maybe your frequently visited coffee shop or restaurant?, or maybe you can get creative and use an old warehouse or abandoned building? How about a Boat? It all depends on your style once again 🙂  once this is all selected and set to go, I always  try to let my clients know that this is their time to shine,  jump out of their comfort zone, explore and have fun with it,  again don’t forget that  spontaneous and impromptu stops are exciting, and they have yet failed me as a photographer 🙂

Your clothing is entirely your choice and there is no limit, when I am doing your photo shoot, you have me for 2 hrs from the time we arrive to our designated location, in between stops and spontaneous stops, are not taken out of your 2 hr time with me,  Poses are unlimited.  Again its time for fun 🙂

When your shoot is over and a few weeks have passed and you get to see your wonderful photos!!  and if of course you just love how they turned out, and you remember how fun it was!!, This will be the critical moment, when you know that this is the Photographer you want on your Wedding Day!!..

check out Our “Engagement Special”   a Love story of your own!!.  if you would like me to photograph your engagement session please feel free to contact me I promise I am the coolest!! lol  well maybe not  “The coolest”…lol

Below I have included some Engagement sessions with the Impromptu stop  🙂


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