Portrait/Wedding Make Up and Photography

Photography & Makeup go like two peas in a pod, not only has it been utilized for centuries, but it has revolutionized creatively  in the fashion industry, wedding industry, portraiture, cinematic, and the list goes on.  I by no means an expert at makeup, ” I totally have to ask for assistance in application these days”  so sad for me…lol  although I do know what looks good just not n me..haha

Today I want to dedicate a little something, something to my good friend, who happens to be my wonderfully talented Make Up artist “Stephanie Gorbea”  Not only is she just gorgeous!! but she brings  her infectious smile, her  charm, easy going, laid back  manner.    She is creative, imaginative and inventive with a professional, friendly and caring demeanor. She has a the innate ability to visualize and advise the appropriate look for each individual. with all that being said I highly recommend her for Portraiture,fashion, wedding , and Quinceanera, applying make up for photo shoots of any sort is very different to our everyday use of make up.

We met at our children’s school, we hit it off almost instantaneously,  I “Literally” forced her to start working with me…lol  she was told oh btw you are in my packages 🙂  hehehe

With the success of offering make up and Hair in my packages it also brings forth very happy clientele, theres nothing more gratifying than seeing our clients light up and feel just beautiful!

Thank you Stephanie I saw so much more in you,  and I want to wish you success and the most and bestest  (I know its not a word)…lol  THE BESTEST in your near & far future no matter where you may be, (hopefully still with me).  I know we have bigger & better things coming our way!!  I have enjoyed the journey so far, and I know we will have many more memories ahead of us.

So please don’t be afraid to  shoot her an email.  Her prices are more than reasonable and her personality is one in a million. you will find her contact details on my “Main Site” and more pictures with her work 🙂  you can also find her on Facebook

here are some pictures of her work with some of my clients.



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