DIY girls Recycled designs/ Inspired lace and trims

Hey there its been a little tto long since Ive shown up  …….. wedding season gets a little busy 🙂  but I always  manage to find the time to be inspired!!

so today’s post has absoloutely nothing to do with Photography, except for the photos I snapped of my daughter styling her new outfits!!. 🙂

The whole inspiration came about through another’s post of stylish gorgeous girls boutique clothing.  Lace to me always brings me back to the vintage, boutique styled cute as anything clothing. and I love them even more because they are not generic and mass produced, and the quality and style is unique and durable.   I have been on the vintage run for some time now, and searching for inspirations and items and little tad bits here and there to add to my vintage wedding stylized shoot coming up next month with a number of wonderful vendors,  (more about the shoot when the time gets closer) anyways this  has made my searches even more intriguing, and I kind of slightly got off track with the adorable girls clothing!!……..from  “mylildarlings children boutique”

Now with all that being said I know there are so many crafty mommy’s out there who are great with their hands and imaginations…… and if your not so great, give it a whirl it wont hurt, (ask a friend? )  We know how expensive boutique clothing can get, and the options are sometimes non existent, but what if you had a shirt she hardly wore, or a pair of tights that a little short but still fit, maybe a skirt that is 5 sizes too big? how about a jacket that doesn’t fit right on the sleeves?  think about the possibilities you have, a jacket can be transformed into a stylish cute boutique little blazer, add some frilled lace, cut the sleeves a little re-create to 3/4 sleeves with an addition of lace,  transform an old clean non stained shirt into a dress for tights, add a layer of a contrasting or patterned material, make matching arm warmers or leg warmers, make your own lace, ribbon and flower hair ties and clips to go with your outfits. its endless moms it really is…… all this can be done with what you already have at home, if you want to add lace you definitely might have to get some but that wont be too hard on your pockets. I have included the actual boutique clothing I was so inspired by, and I have included my creations with my daughter modeling her new clothes.  if you have any questions or would like more info on how I did them please feel free to email me 🙂



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