“what kind of Photographer are you”


There is so many different ideas and views when it comes to “what kind of Photographer are you”  …..I like to be known as a wedding photographer, but at the same time I thoroughly enjoy taking photos of families, portraits, models other events such as Quinces parties etc…… so YEAH when I am not booking the amount of weddings I would ideally liked booked in advance, I must do what  needs to be done to get that extra $ in my household…..as we all know every little bit counts.

So back to “what kind of Photographer are you” …….I am simply a Photographer who loves everything about the natural sense of love and romance a wedding encompasses. Catching candid unexpected events throughout the day is what makes it so much more exciting. One wedding is never ever the same or even close to the next…..why would i want to do anything else, when the excitement is fulfilled by making memorable photographs, each photo will create its own still moment, which in turn will be re-lived within ones memory each time our eyes lay on the image. the connection one makes with that photograph will be everlasting.    with all this being said, I believe it goes the same way for every other event or style of photograph we hold in our hands.  and as much as I absolutely love being a wedding photographer, I love being a NON wedding photographer just as much…


I am just in love with the whole idea of photography, and I am blessed to have found it and luckier to IT have find me 🙂

I have been contemplating creating plus sites for all my services…… at this moment I have 3 separate sites…… my main site covers newborn/maternity, portraits/family,  children etc   My wedding site strictly for weddings and engagements… and my recently launched Seniors site  for seniors 🙂

Some say this will hurt your wedding business…. I am not sure this is so true… as many of my bridal cliental  have now made me their family photographer 🙂 and that alone is such a wonderful feeling, not only is it such a warm feeling but it has helped me with my confidence, and business.


I would love some feedback from fellow photographers…… what have you done in your pathway? or plan on doing?

Me & my lil munchy


2 Responses to ““what kind of Photographer are you””
  1. Rifqi says:

    I’m a hobby photographer, a portrait photographer and a bug photographer…hopefully I’m also a photographer that will get better.

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