Senior Session with Cassie @ the Skate Park

I recently blogged about my latest Senior session, but I felt compelled to share her  website 🙂 Cause she’s such a good sport and totally doesn’t mind me showing her off!!..

The day was gloomy, cold and we got started late,  we were struggling and making every photo count with the little time we had before the sun went down to sleep….  but I couldn’t be more happy, with the end result, the lighting for her cap & gown pics was so beautiful  perfect timing 🙂  We completed our session the very next day at the skate board park….  woo hoo go Cassie she was the only girl doing her thing there, and we had a young fan 🙂

I know all Seniors are “different”, so each location, each prop, and each style will always fit “YOU” the individual, your website I create for you will be a reflection of you:)  If you want Magazine style photos, or Candid photos, classic Photos, Group Photos, which ever it may be I can and will do.  Limitations to creativity and challenges are non-existent in my path 🙂   Mom’s having you with us makes it that more fun, not only do you encourage, but you support, and I can’t forget about mom’s inherited job to carry all the change of clothes, props  and so forth.  I will be snapping some candid  shots too :).  It gives our session a much more memorable trip :), so mom’s don’t be surprised if I ask you to smile for me 🙂

As I mentioned before each senior is different, and Cassie just loves to skate and is a very outdoorsy, active kind of girl.  check Cassie’s site out 🙂

If you need your Senior photos done, and live in Riverside County…. shoot me over an email or phone call, I do travel to your desired location 🙂 so let’s do this.. 🙂 don’t forget to look me up at mariela campbell photography  you will find all information required, email, phone, and pricing….Don’t forget to tell your friends.

I hope to hear from you. and thank you for reading, don’t forget to share my page on FB, would love some love 🙂

I shot this session with a Nikon d5000, Nikor 70mm-200mm Lens F2.8 Oh how I love thy lens 🙂

I also used a Nikon Prime 50mm Lens F1.8

I used Lightroom for 95% of the processing and PS cs5 to finish

In Photoshop I used a preset in Urban Acid  “Acidify” I tweaked it to get my end result.


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