Following your dreams , with NO regrets! Part 1

I will be writing about what inspired me to be where I am now, join me in a 4 part series of blogs 🙂

I find myself standing in a conversation, being told regularly how crazy I am, how brave I am, how strong I am & how admired I am whilst I have my family on the other hand, who think I am mad for leaving Australia.

I chased my dream, even though at the time in my life I was very unsure of what that was, but this gut feeling of mine refused to go away. I found myself searching!! I took the leap of faith, I believed in ME, I believed my accomplishments will be a reflection on how hard I am willing to work for it, and how willing I was to find it. Inside I knew that was I was looking for was not in Australia. I packed 3 suitcases, & I remember my mother crying, telling me I would not come back, of course I was determined to come back to my new found life in Sydney! I was just confident I would return with a clear head. So without a plan, without a single person to rely on, and I journeyed across the seas with my 7-year-old daughter Janika, we did some sight-seeing, we bumped our heads, we met wonderful people along the way, I even met a cousin I never knew, the ultimate meeting was in Whittier CA, the day I saw him smile at me from his GM, pulling up to pick my daughter and myself, we happily had a family date at the movies, we watched Xmen Revolution…. I never looked back!. Except leaving my mother hurt and never returning to see her soon enough, she passed away in 2007 😦 Nether less My new adventures began.

I have attached a gallery some photos of places I grew up with, memories I made with my childhood friends, and family trips….

This first photo is Wollongong, this is where my love for Fishing began its revery. My dad would take us all overnight, fishing off a bridge, can’t remember  what it was called…. mom hated  I loved it along with my Brother 🙂   miss them days….  otherwise “The Gong” as we Aussies call it, is beautiful and has some beautiful beaches and good surf too .

Photo #2 is Alladulla, also another spot for fishing, and taking a day for picnicking… this was also one of my parents favorite spots.

Terrigal… I remember leaving out early mostly with Mervet 🙂 One  of my childhood besties, we would take the train early travel for 1.5 to 2 hrs I think,  and spend the whole day lounging on the beach,tanning ….. then we’d get back on the last train back home in the evening 🙂

East Gardens Westfield, I would meet up here with my Bestie Dorothy:) & sometimes Margy  have lunch, window shop and just hang out. miss you splotty:)

Beautiful Bondi Beach, OMG  I love this place, I loved watching the Brazilians get down with their drums and do the capoeira,  I was home amongst many south americans 🙂  the beach itself was just beautiful, full of life and abundance, it was always  jamming with peoples boom boxes ,   it had the best ice cream ever!! , and some really nice stores,  this too was the first place I got wasted with Tracey & Dot on Madori… yummo   great drink, shame I can’t do alcohol anymore 😦

there are soooooo many places and faces, that make me , this is just the begining of my journey I am sharing, I figured you all see the generic pictures plastered everywhere about Sydney…….. but one of my other favorite spots was Queensland…  beautiful queensland 🙂

I did not take any of these photos 🙂  I googled them 🙂

if you would like more info on australias central coast this blog is for backpackers but has so much more info 🙂


stay tuned for part 2

thanks for reading, don’t forget to leave me a comment or questions I totally welcome them all.


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