Following your dreams Part 2

Friday what do we all have planned for the weekend?  I am having a family day slash work day @ Balboa Park tomorrow, Demetris has finally gotten me to agree to making my promo video, as good as it will be…lol I just can’t stand to be in front of any sort of camera:(  I am more than happy to be behind the view finder at all….I am excited though to see how it will progress, and I will also be snapping away at the parks array of beauty…. happy weekend to you all.

I am going to leave you with my Part 2 series, of following your dreams I hope you end up with a clearer perception of “me” you can find part 1 here  :-

I worked for a company called Safeguard for a year, and hated it with a passion 😦  we got married in Vegas baby!!, we instantly became a family of four with my daughter and Demetris daughter Nae….We and had our first son “Malik” in  August, 2004, this is where my pathway took me to entrepreneurship, as I had to take early leave due to complications, I ended up in hospital for 3 months till Malik was born.  He came 3 months early.. He’s my little miracle baby I am blessed, as he is healthy and strong and excels in 99.99% in all aspects in life with the 1% struggle in speech but he’s progressing and improving.  My daughter Janika was 2 months premature too and towers over me and is my A student 🙂

I began an Online Magazine from home, it was a very fulfilling experience, we had requests to do phone interviews with so many artists, I had the privilege to interview Pittbull, before he became the big star that he is now I interviewed, Raphael Saadiq of “Tony Toni Tone” , and so many more names .. We focused on  Music.  From there I was directed to Music Publishing!! I spent a year collecting and creating a Library for Latin Music of ALL genres… networking and connecting with fellow publishers, music directors, music & TV networks, and all things entertainment. We published a number of songs to TV shows and the final published work was to the movie “Shes just not that into you”  the love for music has always been in my blood…. I had my daughter Tamiya in August (same day as her brother), 2005, and she was NOT premature yay!!   I was a busy beaver!  Hubby worked from 9-5pm, and would come home to help me out…. I ran our household, with 4 children and juggled the business, it became overwhelming, and very time-consuming, on top of that I decided to Manage a Salsa band, and oversee a small band ……the live shows and management was fun exciting and brutal ….. I met stars again along the way such as Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez, and Dancing with the stars cast members….. dealing with the latin community aka club owners was ghastly and very tiring, their arrogance, and bad attitudes was just not my forte, I loved positivity around me not grumpy, power tripped egotistical hungry blah blah blah shall I go on?…lol

I attended red carpets, and captured photographs, the whole time I was still “searching” . This is a very shortened summary to my last 10 years of my life.  In finality though I found myself, and realized the whole time I was searching for myself, my answer was under my nose the whole time. I come from a very artistic/creative family; I think I was blessed with my mother and her family’s creativity.  I grew up drawing, painting, building, learning what car parts were, Art at school was the most rewarding for me, I took advantage of all the materials we had on hand, I learnt pottery, sculpting, photography, leatherwork, metal work the list goes on….  What happened to all these programs in today’s schools?… ”shakes head”  creativity is the key to success……. My dads had an SLR “Minolta” he would not let me use it, “sheesh” how else was a girl supposed to learn…lol.  The love for photography has always been there, I just never saw it. It took me this long to open my eyes, but it is never too late I say.

Back to the beginning, I was continuously questioned about how could I drop everything and just leave!!  Why NOT??  Start fresh, wake up and do what you repeatedly tell yourself every new years .. Why wait for New Years to resolute yourself?, why is not every other day just as important? I say do it, stop thinking so much, we are not capable of telling what’s around the corner, but we are capable of handling what ever gets thrown at us, we just need to believe in ourselves and DO, DO, DO you fall you get up.:)

I would get into heated and frustrating discussions with my husband about how people were so judgmental…(he agreed with me 100% lol )  I would ask questions like, when is the last time you travelled?  even if it was just a couple of hours away?  How about planning that one-week trip to beautiful Italy, meet new faces,  discover different palettes, journey to another part of the world that is NOT your world. When is the last time you ever did that?  Have you ever done it??  Hold on how about a different kind of adventure… like trying a new job? Running one your self?  Got creative flair? Can you use your hands well, there is so much more to life than the 9-5 job, life will present itself in many different ways to us all, but in the end it is “you” who determines what is put into it and what is put out….. We are the masters of our paths…. We decide we choose and we learn.

I chose the life of Photography, and I will strive to be the best I can be, I will have my ups and downs, I will be triumphant, I will be determined. I will be inspired and I will try to inspire.

I have included random photos taken throughout the years with my family and such 🙂


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