Monday Morning Craziness!!

GM to you ALL!!…. How has everyones morning started?

Better than mine I hope!.  I thought mine was going to be a smooth typical run around monday ,I said my bye, bye’s to my eldest girl whilst she went off with her ride to school, cleared up my kitchen a little then said my goodbye’s to my second daughter as she went off with her ride , 5 minutes later  it was time to hop in the truck with the little ones and get them to school. We all hopped in the truck, put my key in the ignition, and turned it. and all I hear is “Click, Click”….. my  brain was unable to register immediately, I do it again….”Click, Click”….Oh “Shmellllll”… first thing I do is call the hubby….. nothing he can do for me right, my buddy can’t drive, and my other buddy is back at work…. “its hit me”  I can’t get the kiddos to school, the thought of riding our bikes crossed my mind, hmmm, my knee is still messed up, it would be a painful ride “tosses that idea”. sitting there in thought it hit me  ” OMG who’s gonna get all 4 kids I am meant to pick up daily for my friends  and my own older girls, who both  go to different schools.  ‘:()…… I then get a phone call from my hubby , …….”can you please go and see if I left my keys at the mailbox” ……huhh!!  no way really!!….lol  oh yeah he has left the keys to the “Mini Cooper” attached to our mailbox… this point I am laughing so hard at him, after I settle in, I am like ohhh wait where are you??…. I am in Beaumont at the Gas station, I got gas, and  when I tried to leave I couldn’t…  I burst out again!!   how in the world can you drive off !!!!…….needless to say if anyone owns a Mini Cooper they know the key is specific and you don’t need it in the ignition to drive it, so he has the habit of leaving them where ever he can lay them.

Dilema #2…..I can’t take them to you!!!!  the truck doesn’t work!!   OMG I am laughing, mixed with annoyance, frustration and disbelief…lol OK time to think, My neighbor across the road, came and helped me pull the truck out of the garage and see if he could jump start it….  30 minutes pass and my truck has power, but just does not want to kick over!!  arghhhhhh!!  husband keeps calling me, arghhh  we need to move the truck over to the sidewalk as it was sitting on half of the road. I need more muscle… so I run over to  my other neighbors house wake the poor man up and get him to help me out with pushing the truck.  when all is said and done we finally settle the truck and park it perfectly in front of my house .  Now I I am still stuck with unresolved dilemmas…lol  husband calls me again… “he says I am calling my dad if you can’t get to me”  Ok just hold on ill call you back……… my head at this point is running at one hundred miles per hour with possible temporary solutions…lol  and my neighbor who tried to jump start the truck, came back and offered to let me borrow his “Ute”  YAY GREEN LIGHT ahead for hubby,  I call him back to let him know I am on my way…… I am instructed with a few warning and precautions  I can’t roll my window down, the passenger door doesn’t open from the inside, and I can’t at no COST turn the car off……cause I might not be able to start it, the gas gauge doensn’t work and I might need to put gas in when I get to Beaumont…omg lmao  help me someone, can i start it again after I turn it OFF???!!……I am a bundle of nerves, I get Malik & Tamiya in the Ute, and we head out to Beaumont 30 mins away……. the ute is soooooo  loud and roars like its angry!!    we chug up through the windy  mountains and make it safely to hubby waiting at the gas station , with the biggest most embarrassed smile I’ve seen yet!!   He rushes off in the opposite direction for work, and I head back home …..during my trip home, I encountered a very unexpected loud horn blowing….lol it was the ute’s horn going off as I made a left turn to go through the mountains again… omg  I was how why !!  i pulled over and pushed it and tapped it, it finally went off….lol  Tamiya was scared  , and I was startled  we get back on track and make it safely back into our community , but not before the Ute throws another Horn spas attack at me, I get it to be quiet alot quicker now, and continue my drive , as I turn into my street, the top of the horn thing falls off down onto my feet,  hahahaha I just started cracking up, thankful I made it home … and even more grateful for such wonderful neighbors.

I give my friends the bad news so they can make other arrangements to have their children picked up, and I txt a message to have my second eldest and my other friends girls walk home….. now my only obstacle is my eldest girl who’s school is over 4 miles away !!

I had to step away from my typing madness here and it is now 1pm….. I have been outside with AAA they got the truck started yippeeeee!!!  i am no longer stressing out!!  Note to self” stop buying batteries from Walmart!!

so now to re-text everyone and get the schedules back on track… what a morning!!!!

have a fab day people don’t let obstacles ruin your day… and remember to always appreciate those around you.  I am so thankful and blessed to have such beautiful kind hearted neighbors/friends.

I am about to splurge on one of my favorite chocolates …..I think I deserve it after 5 hours of worry and stress!!!




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