Life Is Good!

It’s been a month literally since I have had any time to scratch myself let alone write to you 😦  but I have finally found the time in my hustle and bustle the last 4 weeks to let you in on a secret 🙂   “I love my life”  yep I do…. with all the sadness, and joy and walls that sometimes feel impossible to breakdown, with all the cheering, the chaos and madness one endures, running through life’s ins and outs makes me who I am today!!  and I just love it.  I don’t think Id be normal if I never had anything going on,  can you imagine how bland and boring, and so lifeless life would be.

I have prepped for my upcoming bridal shows, and I still have soooooo much to do….. and complete things..  My beautiful and wonderful daughter Janika turns 16 on Thursday, and I am throwing her a party…. 99.99% teenagers…lol  hubby and I were thinking of doing a robot dance  just for fun….  it would totally embarrass her….  but we haven’t had the chance to even get a routine going…lol  hmmm who knows just maybe 😉

This weekend consists of : ‘Friday” night 16th B’day Party, Saturday  family portrait session, and lastly on Sunday Expo at the  Radisson Hotel, Ontario CA. come along if you’re in the area would love to meet you. I will be with Events by Rose. I will be showcasing my beautiful Acrylic frames from

look out for my next post on my “Bridal Expo Special Offer”  and how I am collaborating with other wedding professionals:)

In the meantime I leave you with random photos taken recently

I hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂

My little one Tamiya and Demetris preparing to shoot “moi” for my “in the works” video podcasts 🙂 stay tuned

I love this photo they look so adorable

my yummy Vegetable and cheese filled  puff pastry 

So theres a story behind the “chokis”  Tamiya has a tendency to name things in her own language so to speak…and I think out of pure laziness she never did want to say the full word “chocolate” so anything that was chocolate was “choki”….  and we found this last week at some random mexican market we stopped at on our way home from unfamiliar cities…lol  so it really is of no significance but to us alone …lol but it was the moment that made it more special 🙂

Thats My Shot Acrylic Frames….  just beautiful 🙂


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