Black & White “Sneak Peak” of an inspiring woman.

I had the wonderful experience of meeting an absolutely lovely inspiring woman This past Sunday, Whilst most of you were preparing to enjoy the fun and excitement of Superbowl, I was capturing a loving, and very proud Grandmother with her beautiful Grandchildren!

I got there super early, It was one of those days where I got it all wrong, timing was way !  but I believe it happens for a reason, I would not have had the chance to learn so much about this beautiful woman. Everyone has a story to tell, hers was a painful, sad yet inspirational  story, it related deeply to me in many ways ( my mother).

Palmira  is a survivor,  a beautiful soul, a successful published Writer  , an inspiration to all of todays & past victims of spousal abuse,  and a very positive and loving being.  worked her whole life to support her children, Courage, strength, and belief is what got this amazing woman here today and I am sure so much more, She is complex and has so much to teach and share.  She continues to inspire and be the strength. Today she surrounds herself with love warmth and positivity.   I felt nothing but love extending everywhere, the positivity and vibrance she exuded was so much fun..  You are all a blessing and thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful family.

You can find Palmira’s latest book @ Amazon here 🙂 It is in Spanish 🙂

2 Responses to “Black & White “Sneak Peak” of an inspiring woman.”
  1. you are so welcome, I tell it like I see it, and I just loved your family, the children are all so beautiful:) thank you to you too 🙂

  2. Palmira jimenez says:

    Hey lady, bless your hearts for your lovely and kind words. And yes it was a long life for my mom and like you said she’s a wonderful women, and I’m proud of her. Thank you ones again… God bless you.

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