Snaps The Wedding Salons Bridal Show @ the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

I know I am a little late on the posting better late than never I say !!  firstly I have to mention an event I attended a week before the Bridal Show.

I recently attended  The Wedding Salons Round Table meeting at the SLS Hotel.  It was informative, and inspiring!!  I had the chance to meet some lovely wedding professionals , great photographers, make up artists, travel consultants, marketers, renowned blog writers and the list goes on.

I must admit that a few did stick to me, they appealed to me more than others due to the field they are in and their characteristics…..  such as “Sweet Mia Photography”  Mia Reed & Mia Johnstone….both adorable fun loving ladies!!  I fell in love with their personalities let alone their lovely work!!   ( I had fun ladies thank you )

“Roberto Valenzuela” renowned teacher, speaker, One of the top world Photographers by June bug, Grace Ormonde Platinum List Photographer , and the list goes on.  Destination wedding photographer…….My husband and I saw him sitting on his own outside and decided we would go and say “Hello” little did we know who he was……just that he was definitely a photographer with a big camera 🙂  before you know it we are all ears listening to his experiences and stories…. taking in his knowledge, on things as simple as whats on the menu…lol  either way we just loved him…. I at this stage did not know his work or his extended experience….. being who I am I am not afraid to speak my mind or ask a question….  lol I asked him if I could second shoot with him sometime…. gave him the chance to check my work out and let me know….. first thing I did was check out his site,”cringes”  now I wish I hadn’t asked him, after seeing his accomplishments and amazingly beautiful work … how on earth would he want to take me on…lol  but deep down I hope that one day he will remember the no mess around latin chic who speaks with a funny aussie accent!!….and see my growth and work …”just maybe he will contact me one day” “sighs”  oh well  I tried…:)   I can truly say though he is an inspiration.  His romantic and elegant pieces, inspire me to capture the candid, romance and raw moments to my photojournalistic style.

ok so back to the Wedding Salon Bridal Show…. I didn’t go as a vendor they invited us as potential vendors for 2013…..  which I must say we will be a part of  🙂

The setting and the ambience was wonderful,  fast paced elaborate and absolutely stunning, let alone inspirations were just flowing everywhere, the amazing vendors took the time to set up stunning show pieces, table top decorations and set ups, cakes, flowers, cards, settings , colors and infused &  intertwined to make design and style as unique as the next. there was catering, food, models in some amazing dresses. one designer I absolutely fell in love with was Tulerie by Garo Hzor   with all that being said I  dont want to start boring you with my amazements 🙂

I leave you with some snaps I took here and there at the show 🙂

the first dress is “Tulerie” followed by “Winnie Couture”

5 Responses to “Snaps The Wedding Salons Bridal Show @ the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills”
  1. Love this! Wonderful Post. Thanks for the shout out to Sweet Mia! So sweet to meet you too!!

  2. revjoe01 says:

    You take stunning photos!

  3. Karly Robin says:

    your photographs are stunning.

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