Beautiful California coast @ Rancho Palos Verdes, Rincon Chileno, & Wayfarers Chapel.

Saturday March 31st, 2012.  Hubby & I took some time out for photos and an adventure 🙂

We headed up towards Rancho Palos Verde CA…. admiring the tranquil ocean, the gorgeous sites, the amazing homes and the vibrant sceneries. We randomly stopped here and there, stopped at the “Wayfarers Chapel”, if you haven’t considered this as an option for your wedding I strongly recommend it, its quaint , breathtakingly beautiful and brings a sense of calm when you are there.

We then headed off to feed our belly’s 🙂  Off to the “Rincon chileno Deli” in Lawndale CA, husband has been feening for  some of my native Chilean food 🙂 since I don’t make empanadas too often 😦 I  like to make them from scratch or nothing 🙂  whilst there, I met some more humble chilenos…. and to my surprise the sweet lady was a husband and wife wedding video and photography team like ourselves 🙂   their company is called “Eye Magic” they have been in the field for over 30 years “Wow”  inspiring or what!!  unfortunately unlike most of us today the wonderful web wasn’t available then, & they don’t have a website to be able to link them with..  It was  amazing and an honor meeting someone with so much experience:)

I leave you with a slideshow with plenty of random snaps 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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