My Children’s ART

So today I want to share my childrens talents, as many mothers out there feel the same as I do, “Very Proud ” of their creativity.  I am all for inspiring, creating, and helping my children use their imagination to their fullest, be that in drawing, gluing, cutting painting and so forth.  Art is relaxing, calming, colorful and it comes in so many different shapes and sizes with so many different tools and materials which ever it is that you choose to use, keep creating!!

My 6 & 7 year olds, are showing signs of artistic abilities I can’t wait to see what they will produce in a few a years. As for my 16 year old she has become an allrounder and creates an assortment of art, she sews, paints, draws, uses water colors, charcoal, wood burning tools, carving tools,  yet she still has so much to explore, she always presents a beautiful finished job!!  Her main love is for Anime  combined with a comic look. My 14 year old has a very cute cartoon style of drawing.

With the combination of creativity and  the drive to achieve, ART can be the most inspirational activity in a child’s life, it was for me,  I began with drawing, and expanded to building sewing, in my mind there is not one thing I can NOT do… the word NOT does not live in this household…… always TRY, and maybe then you can tell me you can not do something…. 🙂   I always try to inspire my children to create, and live with color!!

” support your children’s art, inspire and encourage”. you will be surprised at what they can do 🙂

4 Responses to “My Children’s ART”
  1. Nothing wrong with sharing your childrens artwork with the rest of the world. Good work for such youngsters! They remind me of my son when he was younger. I love to look back through the drawings he drew years ago and then look at the drawings he does now….it’s so neat to see the progression over the years.

    Thanks for sharing!

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