Summer Wedding Fruit Inspirations

Today I was rummaging through my fridge for some cool refreshing fruit!!.. bizarrely enough I log onto my FB and come across a watermelon picture a friend posted and it totally inspired me to look up fruit art…  I came across some amazing art!!

Weddings thats what came to mind!!, since I am in the wedding industry , I  am always thinking and trying to find inspiration for my photography!….  as are thousands of other wedding professionals…lol as I am so NOT the first to think of it… but I am surely inspired and I would love to spread the inspiration to all the wonderful Brides to be!!  not only can a carving elaborate on the uniqueness of each individual but it provides some succulent mouth watering edibles!!  some look so good you just don’t want to eat them.  So if you are having a summer wedding why not include a fruit feast at your recepetion?….. Of course not everyone has a budget for professional sculpturing, and elaborate designs……. but if you have a knack to be creative, why not give it a whirl yourself!!… begin with some home parties and such!!….. combine a Candy Bar, with a Fruit Bar……. use skewers for your guests……use cookie cutters, x-acto knife, fruit scoopers, cream, icing, chocolate candy jars  its endless………..ribbons, flowers,  and any decoration to add a touch of decorative flare.  Your imagination is your key 🙂    your bar can look amazing!!  you can color coordinate and theme it as well.

There is a whole universe of fruit organizations, such as the Watermelon Festivals held nationwide, here you can find carvers and creative people from all over the nation!!

enjoy some pictures (they are not my photos) I found online with some amazing work, and elegantly put together creations…

One Response to “Summer Wedding Fruit Inspirations”
  1. execqt says:

    Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful Fruit! Angie W.

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