California’s coast, San Francisco & Tid Bits :)

San Francisco on Memorial Day is no joke, It was a hustling and a bustling… but very much fun!!……. I am never disappointed when I go up north.   this time I had the joy of sharing our trip with the Carillo family, who are very good friends and neighbors  🙂 ……..the only NOT fun thing about the trip was the crazy crowds, and we had to hold on to our little ones hands for dear life, they got trampled on, bumped and walked over more than a few times, and people just didn’t budge, not a single thought to stop turn and see who they hit, if they hurt anyone??  But luckily for us we got out of that herd quickly!!  We covered a lot out there, We visited the Muir Woods to see the giant redwoods……Surprised our friend and drove to Oakland & made our way to the Oakland Raiders, Stadium  🙂 it was closed but it was priceless seeing his big smile!. We of course did the Golden Gate Bridge.    We also went to Monterey, San Simeon, & hung out with the Elephant Seals, and just breathlessly enjoyed and took in the magic scenery…… You should never ever go up north without taking the coastal drive, not only is it absolutely beautiful,  its unforgettable leaving you wanting more ……you just should never deprive yourself 🙂

please enjoy some of my photos 🙂

4 Responses to “California’s coast, San Francisco & Tid Bits :)”
  1. M0ntereyH0tels: says:

    Seems you had a fantastic time during your trip to San Fransisco. However, the pictures are absolutely fabulous. The scenery, the sights and the happy and smiling faces certainly make up for great pictures. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, it was indeed a enjoyable.

  2. execqt says:

    Okay, Yes! these are breathtaking views! and Yes! You always find the BEST places to take pictures! The big rock with the two young boys – gorgeous and the last picture of the tree – Perfect! Keep snapping away 🙂

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