Topanga Canyon, & its irresistible shops, all things Boutique

Topanga Canyon not only offers beautiful hills, lots of greenery and fresh filled air……but its winding roads provide havens for some more stores…….. This one is by far my favorite…..”Jalan Jalan Imports”, a Boutique Import store, the goodies you find here are one of a kind pieces, from all over the world , the intricacy, and implicate designs are amazing, wooden carvings, and hand crafted designs are absolutely beautiful, I admire such artists and craftsmanship!!

I didn’t get around to asking what the big three bowls were about! The strange mustard piece with perfectly distorted round balls, is an interesting natural piece….. found at the bottom of a cave…. Its made up of natural minerals….years of dripping, & forming its own unique masterpiece.

The Rocking horses were brilliantly carved and hand made with Natural Horse Hair…

An abundance of huge stumps of Petrified Wood, some looked like marble, each had its own distinct color tone to it.

It also houses the Historic Owl Falls, which run all year, 3 stories high. we got a short history lesson on the falls, and learnt that the Indians would take their canoes, & they would take the river to the Canyon. I wanted to learn more on the topic, but my researching skills are yet to be rewarded.

The prices are reasonable for such unique pieces that you will NOT find at places like Pier 1 Imports and bigger corporate retailers 🙂

The man you see sitting down looking cool… is my husband “Demetris”, he secretly loves to be photographed 🙂

Enjoy the photos 🙂


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