Topanga Canyons Hidden Treasures!

Hidden Treasures!!  That’s exactly what this little place is.. well its more like a house bathed in lights, signs, pirates in trees, and some outrageous décor combinations…..I couldn’t resist the outdoor décor it lured me in.  It had an array of rooms and the more corners I turned the less I felt I was shopping in a boutique store, it was more like a museum, or attraction of all things vintage, you can find clothing, Antiques, shoes, cameras, purses, totes, rusty keys, fury leopard belts, hats, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, scarves, neon tutus, old photos, old postcards, signs, frames,  vintage trunks, vintage clocks and wine and port bottles….and so on……..the list is endless…… the prices are spot on, right at the bottom where I like them best 🙂 …… it was a pit stop originally….…..I especially love the Pirate who doesn’t like to be naked, and the little boys in suspenders and sailor outfits……OhI got happy seeing the good ol Aussie shirt on the rack 🙂

it’s a fun warm and inviting place, I will be going back again:)

So get your rummaging hands ready and take some time of your day to visit this one of a kind Treasure

2 Responses to “Topanga Canyons Hidden Treasures!”
  1. Life & Sunshine says:

    am stopping here on my next trip down PCH! thanks for the gem 🙂

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