Time to be dreamy. Your 2012 Fall Wedding color inspiration.

Who says you can’t Dream?, who says you can’t create that dream? This seasons Fall colors can be as inspiring as you allow them to be.

Neutrals and delicate bleached pastels make for a gentle & graceful harmony.  Peaceful, simple moods, invites romantic overtones  with comfort, and dreaminess… So go ahead create your dream wedding.

Color is more than ever, the key element in all things wedding and each season color trends hype our tastes and palettes. It optimizes the evolution of wedding planning and design. Vivid colors, alone or teamed up with others, are the stars of each wedding design. Neutrals and naturals evolve, taking a sophisticated, romantic and glamorous turn. And as a contrast, subtle shady effects, in which shadows glorify the light., these elements combined make for the most amazing picturesque scenery which photographers like myself relish in.

Fabrics & Materials are purified to combine: luxury, quality, airiness and voluptuousness.  Sophisticated textures, with clever effects. Finishing’s and trims in metal, copper, delicate gold, & platinum,  brighten up matt materials and textures. Make a table runner, instead of a traditional table cloth, invite patterns and textures.

3D effects and other innovative finishing’s transcend the classical & vintage looks in an exciting modern way. such as buttons,  buckles, ribboning, piping, embellishments, fabric flowers, fabric tags for your favors, thank you cards… the list is infinite.

Be bold be whimsical, be elegant , be romantic, be chic and off beat…. Create your own flare and style with this falls colors and textures.

Fabrics such as , fox print, vintage vinyl, two tone stripes, DIY rivets and Eyelets, add buttons, matted fabrics, Tie patterns, patterns, tortoise shell prints. Delicately natural materials such as lightweight leather for creative flare and décor.

Transparent synthetics, speckled effects, Pearly coats, faded floral patterns

….. your choices are endless…go ahead go shopping get inspired, think outside the box 🙂


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