Why I give my clients a “Leather Lay Flat Book” in every Wedding package & do NOT limit your photo quantity.

As some of you know and most of you probably don’t know 🙂  I work along side my wonderful husband…  “Demetris” without him I would be lost,  well Id learn to be without him lurking around..lol but his support and presence has always been my stump, we bounce of each other I guess …. He is the “cinemtographer” behind Mariela Campbell Photography…… He captures the whole days event  without being intrusive……. He is also my IT behind the scenes specialist 🙂  ……We’ve had  photographers, cinematographers, brides, friends and strangers ask us how we determine what to give in our Wedding Packages, so I decided to write a blog post about it!

When photographers and studios were using film, their main source of income was in the selling of prints.  Film was expensive, so they had to retain the negatives for future print purchases.  Video film was even more of an expense…….Pointing to what studios did in the past has little relevance given the current state of technology. I can safely say that 99% of todays Photographers and cinematographers now use digital cameras and are able to take so many photos & footage without the excessive costs of using film!  What this means is we are now not restricted by how many images we take and how much footage we record,and what products we provide, making photographers & cinematographers like Demetris and I concentrate on delivering higher quality photos, video footage and services.  We both do our own editing….. using Lightroom, Photoshop CS6,  Final Cut Pro and so forth…..the editing and look of your brand and service is limitless to our own creativity.    Much of the costs go into our time our creativity and our product and service provided to our clients.

Hence why I have decided to update and re-vamp our packages and  NOT  put a number on the quantity of photos I deliver.   Our cinematography will start and finish the same time as our photography does with no extra charges……We must put into consideration that the number of photos will have a different impact on each and every event, considering how different each will be, how intimate or big it may be.  It all comes down to how much is going on the day of your event, I aim to capture  candid moments, and tell your story as it was. In the end I want to provide you with quality over quantity!

All our packages come with a custom hard lay flat book with the photo selection of your choice.  A leather cover, and color of your choice from our 12 palette selection.. Your book will come with 20 pages  & 40 sides with the choice of additional pages if you like!!….   I will not push and never do push Prints, or other print products to my clients…..  by all means I have access to everything you can think of in print products…..  but I do not hard sell or push extra sales other than whats in my packages or your choice in our A La Carte menu 🙂

I pride myself in working with clients…and their budgets, We always try to come to a mutual agreement.  With that being said,  we still must hold up a reasonable discussion and agreement on the end results of pricing & product 🙂

I aim to provide the best service & experience with my clients interests always in mind.  I can give and will continuously keep myself updated and keep learning and moving on with today’s, & tomorrows styles and choices of consumer preferences and choices, whilst being humble with my success, and continue to grow Mariela Campbell Photography .

So if your a little curious about our rates and packages …. Please contact me for my current updated packages, Lets meet over coffee sometime 🙂

I hope this has given you a little insight of how Demetris & I work 🙂

thank you for reading!

Mariela Campbell Photography

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