Riverside County & Perris CA Senior Photography

I love helping high school seniors reveal their inner and outer beauty during her unique boutique like portrait experience. This goes for the boys too not so much your inner beauty but your inner confidence 🙂  You are my focus and you the star.  In addition, I focus on bringing forth a fun and memorable experience.

I realize that each person is different and looking for their individuality as to  “What you are looking for in experience? What is your budget? Are you willing to sacrifice quality to have a great experience but maybe not the most wonderful photos but are still great, a good shot of you?” its all up to the individuals discretion.  I understand we all walk different paths, and I might just not be the photographer for you…  I give you creativity, energy, and memories.  Your Photos are a depiction of who you are today, tomorrow and always forever be a stamped memory for years to come.

I am completely self taught….  I do not have a by the book style of shooting, I like to believe this is where I get a chance to be challenged creatively each and every time. I am not your traditional photographer, nor am I so way out that I might seem a little off to you…lol.

With all that being said, do you think I sold myself ?…lol  if you got this far then I haven’t scared you off 🙂  Please take a moment to browse around my site, and if you like what you see please share, share and share 🙂

I am taking bookings now for the coming season….. If you want a Winter look ..Great!  shoot me an email so we can schedule you in.




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