Goodbye Moroccan Room!! “HELLO” new office space :)

I have been contemplating on re-designing my office, as I get bored of the same look for too long.  so the perfect idea was to just update my current office…. but I I find it to be lacking in space and color. … so I am sad but happy to have made the choice of saying GOODBYE to my “Moroccan Room”, and making path for my new office.  ooohh I cant wait to get my hands dirty, and let my creative juices out of the closet!!  lol I have been locked up for over 1 year without making anything this is where my boxes that have been waiting patiently for me to utilize them in some form shape or other, they have been taking up space in the corner of my room, can’t wait to incorporate them in my plan .. stay tuned I will be posting my progress……  but I must warn it will be a slow process, as I don’t really have a full free weekend again for another 4 weeks….  so slowly I will get it done.  first things first to buy my materials.  I have decided on the color palette of Plum, Mustard Yellow (as my walls will remain the same color) , Apple green,  Taupe, rich browns and Grey …..oooo  I can’t wait..  check back ok 🙂

In the meantime say Bye Bye to my Moroccan Room…. (FYI, I made the table 🙂

goodbye Moroccan room

Excuse the bad photo, it was taken from my Cell:)


My color Palette

Office color palette

One Response to “Goodbye Moroccan Room!! “HELLO” new office space :)”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You Rock good luck on the new space

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