Palm Springs Engagement Sneak Peek!

My GORGEOUS couple Trisha and Jason totally had a blast with their photos!

We met up at the Ace Hotel for a coffee, took advantage of the settings and shot a few pics, we then made our way to the Le Parker Meridian Palm Springs  .  I absolutely loved Le Parker for its abundance in the variety of elements with resort living!!  we got so many  awesome fun shots there, we then made our way to The  Corridor, a lovely rustic setting. with a few stops along the way……..I had a great time with both of you. …..  I can’t wait for your wedding in April……..Enjoy your Sneak Peek..

Engagement-7 Engagement-16 Engagement-21 Engagement-32 Engagement-42 Engagement-47 Engagement-55 Engagement-78 Engagement-80 Engagement-91 Engagement-98BW Engagement-100 Engagement-107 Engagement-109 Engagement-115 Engagement-121

2 Responses to “Palm Springs Engagement Sneak Peek!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your work, great photos !

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