Elemental Sisterhood – Nature of Women Division 9 Gallery- Riverside CA

I had the opportunity to to photograph some amazing talented artists at Division9 Gallery in Riverside CA. since Selena Wilson has Blog spot I have copied and pasted her blog post here…please enjoy.

Elemental Sisterhood

Awhile back I was grumbling about wanting to be in an art show to my friend Cosme Cordova. He ownsDivision9 Gallery and is an incredible asset to this city of “Arts and Innovation” to say the least. I guess it was good timing because he just so happened to be working on an all women show. He put me in touch with Kiandra Jimenez who was responsible for rounding up some gals for the show. Once again, I am so lucky because that was the beginning of a fantastic artistic journey, a challenge, and some lifelong friendships I am sure. Five of us met up to begin brainstorming on what we wanted to do. We had no idea that five artists working in different mediums could be so much on the same page, and that our work would be of equally great quality and so complimentary to one an-others!
Maggie Tello-Case does fabric work with embellishments. Erin Maxwell does mosaic. Cynthia Huerta (already a friend from a few years back!) does wood burning and painting. Kiandra Jimenez does fabric work with paint. I just paint!
Details of our story can be read here from the Press Enterprise article. Here are some photos from our show:

Cynthia Hurta, Kiandra Jimenez, Maggie Tello-Case, Erin Maxwell,  and me! Selena Wilson
Here are some of our collaborative pieces:
This one was my favorite! I gave her glittery nipples. yes, that’s right…glittery nipples. A savy lady bought her up the first 20 minutes of our show 🙂
I just love how these freeform collabs are unpredictable to view. You can’t be sure what your eye will run into next
the vine work from each panel grows into the next so these pieces work as a group or individually.
my profile ❤

People really liked our profiles, but they were so personal that we couldn’t sell them! We decided we would offer to make them for people who are interested. We now have a blog of our own where people can read our story and acquire one of their own custom art profiles, lovingly made in mixed media 🙂 I have more details on my own work in this show here. The photos above were taken by photographer Mariela Campbell, you can follow the link to her blog and hire her for weddings, portraits, anything really because she is great!

YOU CAN FIND THE ORIGINAL POST HERE:  http://selenajwilson.blogspot.com/2013/06/elemental-sisterhood.html

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