Bridal Shoot @ the Horton Grand Hotel San Diego CA

Have you ever considered a Bridal Shoot?  Before or after your wedding day?   benefits of a bridal shoot are simple…I have my favorite five reasons.

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Creativity
  3. ART for your walls and or Albums
  4. Relaxed, calm, and absolutely no chaos
  5. Stress FREE

they probably all come down to one thing!

I met with my bride and groom at the Horton Grand Hotel  in San Diego.. We were met with lovely hospitality and service from the front desk at the Horton Grand. they accommodated my bride in every way possible!!  It is the perfect place for a vintage  1800’s style… it has some amazing history. see below for vendor credits.

C&R-Post Bridal-21 C&R-Post Bridal-136 C&R-Post Bridal-113 C&R-Post Bridal-106 C&R-Post Bridal-99 C&R-Post Bridal-93 C&R-Post Bridal-57 C&R-Post Bridal-48 C&R-Post Bridal-47 C&R-Post Bridal-36 C&R-Post Bridal-33

FLORIST: DEVAZE FLOWERS, Susan 818.861.7210

BRIDES GOWN: Custom made by Tatiana, from “ART HOUSE OF TAILORING”


VENUE: Horton Grand Hotel


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