San Francisco – Vintage Glamour Bridal Show at The Winery – Treasure Island

I wanted to share my images from our wonderful Vintage Glamour Bridal Show at The Winery located at Treasure Island,  It’s a beautiful winery, perfect setting for a romantic, rustic setting, and step outside to capture the beauty of the bay from a distance.  The Show was a success, with over 400+ brides to be, we spoke to so many brides and loved the ambience and atmosphere the winery provided. There were some awesome vendors, some of my favorites was “Spot On Coffee” , I tasted a Nutella Latte, “oh-m-gee”, it was delicious!, those guys didn’t have a chance to breather they were the most popular!  I can’t forget the beautiful sounds from Krista Strader, who has been in the industry playing the Harp for over 12 years. I loved Photographer Rufino’s energy .  Vintageness (yes thats a word, well in my vocal it was  the centre of attention at Hunt & Gather, for all vintage decor and props.  Lovely Planner Lindsay Becht of 2friends Events.

The Show featured “Dolly Couture” Gowns, Perfection for your vintage look!  The models did a fantastic job!

It seems that every time we get the opportunity to head up to San Francisco its “ALWAYS” for work purposes! “sighs” simply never have the time to leisurely soak SF up the best way I know how, I can never get enough of it, and we are always rushing through, before I know it I am on my way home… the upside and bonus gift we received was seeing our friends whom we have not seen for over 2 years!  They hosted for us and made us feel so warm and welcomed!

I am returning several times this year for some amazing weddings!  I can’t wait, but I have made a decision to head out there with the family and  actually leisurely enjoy our time there and be able to sit back and breathe in the fresh air, and spend some bonding time with our friends.  I made Demetris take me the LONG way up on the coastline, its beauty is endless and will never get tiresome for me:),  keep scrolling below to find some pics of our road trip.

SF Bridal Show_0004 SF Bridal Show_0005 SF Bridal Show_0001 SF Bridal Show_0002 SF Bridal Show_0009 SF Bridal Show_0003 SF Bridal Show_0013 SF Bridal Show_0006 SF Bridal Show_0007 SF Bridal Show_0010 SF Bridal Show_0012 SF Bridal Show_0011



THE BEAUTIFUL CALIFORNIA COAST- and hubby and I 🙂   I didn’t get to take 1/4 of the photos I wanted to, hence why I am making sure we do a leisurely trip!  enjoy my snaps! (photos have been edited lightly with natural color enhancing, no colors or such have been added to the photos) yes the waters looked that beautiful .

10 yrs later SF_0001 10 yrs later SF_0006 10 yrs later SF_0007

I am obsessed with Eagles!  


10 yrs later SF_0004 10 yrs later SF_0002 10 yrs later SF_0003

10 yrs later SF_0011 10 yrs later SF_0008 10 yrs later SF_0009 10 yrs later SF_0010


All the stunningly breathtaking views above are from the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park –   We followed the path to see McWay Waterfall, pictured above. you can read more on some of its history and beauty on a very detailed Blog I found, here .


10 yrs later SF_0012 10 yrs later SF_0005 10 yrs later SF_0013Pfeiffer Beach is known for its beautiful rare Purple sands!  Yep no colors added there!!  And of course the amazing turquoise waters and stand alone rocks.

10 yrs later SF_0014

We finally departed and as we left the bridal show our Bay view was serene.  This was the actual first place we visited together 10 years ago.  Before we got hitched!  It was just the three of us, Janika (my eldest daughter), myself and Demetris. We took photos in the very spot, Nika took the photos she did such a good job of it. Unfortunately I lost most of those photos 😦 but I do have ONE that was taken on the beach in SF,  I leave you with our replication of photos from 10 year ago.

10 yrs later SF_0015

2003 before malik & mia 10 yrs later SF_0016





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