Destination Wedding in Santa Monica, CA

It has been a while since I have had the time to post, so I am finally taking the time to post a sneak peek of one my brides from last weekend.

Kayla & Will, are from Texas, they had plans all set for their destination wedding in Cabo, with their closest friends and family, as we all know about the horrible and devastating hurricane there lately, it literally wiped out their resort.  Kayla had less than two weeks to organize a new location, with all new vendors, florists, Hair & Makeup, hotels , photographer, (myself) etc . Kayla did an amazing job, and got it all together to have their wedding at Santa Monica Beach, followed by dinner with their family and friends at Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica  CA.  it all came together perfectly, with a run in with JONAH HILL, who said their 10 month old daughter was the most beautiful baby he has ever seen! and indeed she is  a gorgeous little thing.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Klabo, thank you for choosing me to part of your day!  Demetris and I wish you the a life filled with love and adventure!  “Stay tuned for their Wedding Trailer”  coming soon. so without further do, please enjoy their sneak peek.Prep-K&W-1 Prep-K&W-2 Prep-K&W-3 Prep-K&W-4 Prep-K&W-5 Prep-K&W-6 Prep-K&W-7 Prep-K&W-8 Prep-K&W-9 Prep-K&W-10 Prep-K&W-11 Prep-K&W-12 Prep-K&W-13 Prep-K&W-14 Prep-K&W-15 Prep-K&W-16 I DO-K&W-lCeremony-K&W-l Kiss-K&W-l  Family-K&W-l BP-K&W-l Building-K&W-l Top view-K&W-l


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