If you haven’t seen my BLOG on the Rug you see in the pictures please go here to see how I did it step by step.

PLEASE DISREGARD THE PHOTO QUALITY, I took them all with an iPhone

I wanted to share the final room transformation.  Unfortunately I forgot to take before pics….  it was pretty boring, with a dark brown L shaped couch, square rustic middle coffee table and an ugly tall lamp, thats it!!

I finally got the couch I wanted, it may be too loud for some, but ORANGE is my favorite color, I got 4 matching pillows and I decided to make patterned pillows to give it texture and interest.  I decided to no longer stay with the square coffee table

IMG_0039 IMG_0042 IMG_0041

I decided to no longer stay with the square coffee table –

and decided to go with a  Diy coffee table. It cost me $8 I used the left over cuts from one of the kids beds planks, pin legs have been stored in my garage the past three yrs $3, hardware was purchased from a flea market mid last yr for $2 I always have wood glue, nails and screws handy.

IMG_1229 IMG_1270 IMG_1272

I have been debating wether I want to stain it or not…what do you think?

here is the final room


again please disregard the image quality they were all taken with my iPhone.


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