Spring Girls Fashion Shoot – Perris CA

I wanted to bring a spring outdoor shoot together with some cutie pies!, fortunately for me, I have some beautiful friends who have gorgeous children.  I styled the shoot with the help of my eldest daughter  “Janika” who put in some fine tuning & helped me make the flower Halos for the girls!   I made both of Tamiya’s (my daughter) Herem pants.  I also found the “Spring” Printable’s here 

I decided to add  tutu’s and beads to the shoot. Tamiya’s tutu is actually a wedding dress petticoat and the girls are wearing adult sized tutu’s 🙂


All four girls showed off their natural curls along with their personalities the shoot was a huge success. Thank you to all the mommy’s for your patience and running around 🙂


Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-9 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-8 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-7 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-6 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-4 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-2 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-5 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-1 Spring Girls-Mariela Campbell Photography-3


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