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Profile: Hola!,, I am Mariela Campbell Owner of Mariela Campbell Photography!! I am a mother, a wife, and a full time entrepreneur. I started photography over 5 years ago, I am blessed with 4 wonderful children who are the reason I am here today and who keep me going daily. I was in banking in Australia, where I grew up :), and I was definitely "NOT" where I wanted to be. My journey began when I met my dear husband in CA. I began my blog early 2011, Juggling a household and business from home is not an easy task, I persevere, strive and endure. Join me in my journey, and share my laughter, my ups and my downs. Photography is a passion, art is a door, creativity is a blessing. My children are my way! thank you for reading :) Photographer & Cinematographer ( my husband Demetris Campbell is my Cinematographer )

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