Beautiful Vineyards Northern California

I love vineyards, the grapes call to me every time!!…   juicy sweet succulent grapes!!.. 🙂   lol  really though vineyards are beautiful, peaceful, serene, and humbling… Out with the old world vineyards in with the new  using the “canopy management” system, which is supposed to optimize the leaf and flowering areas.  want to know more? … Continue reading

vintage posters

snapped these in a store I just loved them 🙂  

Farmers Markets

Our weekly ritual  every Saturday “The Farmers Market“….   well it is intended, but never accomplished 😦 Sadly I have yet to proudly admit that we visit the farmers market every saturday like we TRY  to….. But we do try!!  and if its not one reason or the other, like having appointments , sleeping in, … Continue reading

Our Treasure Chest Antiques – specializing in toys

Our Treasure Chest Antiques…a quaint little store in riverside, holds a collection of antique toy trains… ( I am certainly not an expert, I almost know nothing about train collections) , but they were very cool, he has trains back dating to the 1940’s,, such as Hefner, Lionel, Marx, & American Flyer, hand made carts, … Continue reading

Topanga Canyons Hidden Treasures!

Hidden Treasures!!  That’s exactly what this little place is.. well its more like a house bathed in lights, signs, pirates in trees, and some outrageous décor combinations…..I couldn’t resist the outdoor décor it lured me in.  It had an array of rooms and the more corners I turned the less I felt I was shopping … Continue reading

Topanga Canyon, & its irresistible shops, all things Boutique

Topanga Canyon not only offers beautiful hills, lots of greenery and fresh filled air……but its winding roads provide havens for some more stores…….. This one is by far my favorite…..”Jalan Jalan Imports”, a Boutique Import store, the goodies you find here are one of a kind pieces, from all over the world , the intricacy, … Continue reading

An Educator’s Guide to Creating Learning Spaces in Small Places…(Re-Blogged)

Originally posted on Small Potatoes:
“If a seed of lettuce will not grow, we do not blame the lettuce. Instead, the fault lies with us for not having nourished the seed properly.”  ~Buddhist Proverb I’ve been teaching and working with young children in some capacity for 21 years. But it wasn’t until just over a…

Following your dreams NO regrets part III backtracked :)

I have debated with myself wether i should include a more insight on my following my dreams segments, I completed part I & II but I feel it was a little hollow……..:) Where I decided to begin my story will give you insight to my teenage years to now. my younger years deserves its own … Continue reading

Monday Morning Craziness!!

GM to you ALL!!…. How has everyones morning started? Better than mine I hope!.  I thought mine was going to be a smooth typical run around monday ,I said my bye, bye’s to my eldest girl whilst she went off with her ride to school, cleared up my kitchen a little then said my goodbye’s … Continue reading

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