A Day @ the Park 2012

Hello again, I thought I would share our little day at the park Monday, where I might add I injured my knee:(  I can’t believe I fell off my bike…lol yep and my bruised swelled knee is all my proof!!  needless to say I had a wonderful time, the biggest highlight for me was seeing … Continue reading

Photo Re-Touching Services

We know things aren’t always perfect, and we don’t always want them that way 🙂  but for those who like perfect why not? Trying to get children to stay still or sit and smile would be like telling a fish to hold still..lol  children are meant to be antzy 🙂 and accidents happen regardless!  As … Continue reading

Weekend fun @ Dana Point!

Another Weekend passed and its almost time for the havoc to begin, to all the mom’s I know the summer break wasn’t long enough! I know I am certainly not ready for the early morning routines to begin followed by the hectic school schedules, especially when you have 4 different times to worry about, kindergarten … Continue reading

Goodbye Nikon D60

Hello Nikon D5000……My trusty D60 served me well, I took some great pics not only was it just a 3 focal point system but it allowed me to expand and learn, I would recommend this camera to anyone who is starting out!!, it is user friendly, and shoots beautifully, its light weight and very reliable, … Continue reading

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